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I want to hear about new music and cool shows!

1, 2, 3, 4, who’s punk, what the score? Is that Black Flag guy really suing the FLAG guys? What is that about? It’s bad enough we live in a world of dub step, Kim Kardashian and reality shows. I don’t want to hear about our punk godfathers suing their own people.

One Voice Fest flyer

I want to hear about new music and cool shows. I am looking forward to a few good shows coming up. Final Conflict is playing this weekend in L.A. at the Echo, the Nardstock show is next weekend and I just heard about the ONE VOICE FEST up near Sacramento, CA. featuring 7Seconds and Cro-Mags (see flyer below). Good stuff going on!

This month has some great stuff coming to you from ClassicPunk. I am gonna finally post my interviews with Steve Soto from Adolescents and Jim Lindberg from Pennywise. Also gonna do some album reviews, show reviews and general babbling about various bands and old school punk junk. One thing I am planning in the babbling department is my recent and ongoing obsession with NOFX. I am also working on a few lists. One of them is top 10 songs I wish I wrote! Should be fun for some and will bore the girls to death!!


THE greatest album of ALL TIME is The Dickies ‘Stukas Over Disneyland’

That’s right, I said that! I’ll say it again… Stuckas Over Disneyland is the greatest album of all time. I have listened to this record more times than anything else in my collection. The fact that I bought this album when I was a teenager and still jam it on the reg to this day says something. I listen to it on iTunes, I listen to it on Spotify, I listen to it on CD, I listen to it on vinyl. Shit, I used to listen to it on freakin cassette in my old truck in High School.

Dickies covers

I’m trying to get anyone to agree, I’m just saying, in my world this is THE album for me! I have seen the Dickies more times than any other band too. It’s time I chose a favorite album. I’ve seen a lot, I’ve heard a lot. I have earned this choice!

Let’s start with “Pretty Please Me.” For starters, this song has the best bass line I’ve ever heard. Second, the drum break in it rules! The lyrics, vocal melody and harmonies are like The Beatles meets the Beach Boys with grit! Stan Lee’s guitar riffs are so melodic and musical it makes me wanna air guitar as much as any Metallica or Slayer song.

“Wagon Train” is like a Johnny Cash hit with a futuristic cartoon character on a chain gang getting ready to jump into land speeder and go meet up with the Ramones in heaven.

If you’re gonna name your dick, of course name it Stuart. And if Stuart could talk, what would he say? He’d say, stop jerking off and “annoying me with your hand.” The best breakdown in any punk song complete with piano thingies! Leonard’s voice is so good. From the first time I heard this song I’ve been trying to sing this good. And yes, I’m listening to it as I write.

On the CD version of the album there are bonus tracks, “I’m Ok, You’re Ok,” “Bedrock Barney” and “Gigantor.” I have these songs on 7”. My dog’s name is Barney and I constantly sing to him… I’m bowling with Bedrock Barney, babababaBowlin’ with Bedrock Barney!

I love how The Dickies cover old cartoon songs like Gigantor and Eep Opp Ork (Killer Clowns EP).

“Rosemary” is THE template for all pop punk songs that have been written since (whether the bands that followed knew or not). A lot of bands have no idea who The Dickies even are. But, I guarantee that Descendents, NOFX and the Dead Milkmen know. I’m sure Blink 182 knows too. The Ramones and the Dickies were happening at the same time. I’m sure they would all give them props.

“Out of Sight, Out of Mind” has some of the best backing vocals I’ve ever heard. Not to mention the lead vox are perfect and awesome. This song relaxes me and comforts me in troubled times.

To round it all off they cover a Led Zeppelin song, “Commination Breakdown.” Funny story, when I was in High School and heard this song on this record, didn’t even know it was a Zep song. Thought The Dickies wrote it. Sorry Zep guys, Leonard and Stan do it better. That’s saying something.

Two guys tellin stories and talkin Punk Rock!

By Jon Pebsworth (6/7/13)

So as you might know, this website, slash blog, slash classic punk story tellin arena is the love child of Mr Jonas Kleiner. He is the guitar axe slayer of our 90’s ska punk band Buck-O-Nine. He is also my songwriting partner extraordinaire and best buddy, along with five other Buck-O-Nine originals!

I am the humble and sometimes drunken front-man, Jon Pebsworth. My friends call me Pebs. Jonas asked me to join him in this fun, fan based quest to talk about, write about and remember where we came from website a few months ago. I jumped at the chance to do something with Jonas and write some stuff about what I love. He once told me, Pebs, you should write a book about your life and your crazy life experiences (good, bad, ugly & rad). He said, “Dude, you have been down, you’ve been out, you’ve written some great songs, you’ve loved, you’ve lost, you’ve seen the world and made a million friends. Real friends. And, you’re still rockin like a teenager!”

I have thought about his idea alot over the years and… shit, maybe someday I will.

For now I am excited about writing for Jonas’ website. This isn’t a place for journalism or rock and roll media promotion. We might spell some works wrong or make “run-on sentences” or whatever. But, that shit don’t matter. This is a fan site. And as fans of old Punk Rock and Ska, we gonna have some fun with this shit busta! We’re only going to write about what we love and want to talk about. Whether it’s an old album or something happening now, don’t matter. We’re not here to talk shit.

Our band, Buck-O-Nine started in 1991 in San Diego. At the time there was alot going on. We somehow found each other and quickly realized that playing ska and punk in one band is the coolest combo there could possible be. The Clash did it. The Specials did it and at that time, The Mighty BossTones and Operation Ivy were DOING IT! The Two-Tone era was basically taking Traditional Ska and mixing it with Punk Rock at the time, ala Buzzcocks, Sex Pistols, The Clash. Genius!!! Traditional ska was so good with Desmond Dekkar, Toots, Marley and Skatilites. Fuckin mix that with a little punk and you are Two-Tone!!

Anyway, we love this music and will always love it. We grew up on So cal punk for the most part and loved all ska music too. As far as I’m concerned Punk and Ska go hand and hand. So what we did with ska in the early 90’s was the same as what the Two-Tone guys did in the 80’s. They called us the “Third Wave.” I hear there are bands gearing up for the 4th Wave of Ska (Check out the Oceanside Sound System). **One side note is that fuckin FISHBONE was the bridge between the Two-Tone era/2nd Wave and Third wave of ska. and they are Punk as FUCK! Love ya Norwood & Angelo. Without them, there would be no future.

So, this month, me and Jonas have interviews with Steve Soto from Adolescents, Jimmy from Pennywise/The Black Pacific and album reviews of The Dickies classic “Stuckas Over Disneyland” and the Misfits “Walk Among Us.” Stay tuned if ya like!

In the great works of Chuck Bukowski in his screen write of the classic, ‘Barfly’…. TO ALL MY FRIENDS!!!

Yours truly,
Jon Ryan Pebsworth
AKA Pebs
& Jonas Kleiner (Graphic Designer)

Nardstock coming Sat Aug 17 – WE’RE THERE!

It’s hard to believe it’s been thirty five years of punk rock coming out of Oxnard! I first heard of Nardcore bands when I was in High School circa “97. I think the first band was Agression. They were the perfect band to Skate to. I had a small half pipe in my back yard that my Dad and me built. I have memories of hearing “Money Machine” while trying to learn how to pull air.

Ill Repute did a cover of a Neil Diamond song, “Cherry Cherry” and like so many punk rock covers back then, I didn’t know it was a cover. I thought it was their song. Hahaha. I loved all their songs.

Mystic Records put out the original version of the Nardcore records and the Mystic samplers. That’s where I first heard RKL and NOFX!

This show is gonna be epic and we’re all going!

Nardstock flyer

The Specials @ Nokia Theater, Los Angeles, March 18, 2013

By Jon Pebsworth

The night after St. Patrick’s Day is a tuff night for a show. Add in the fact that it’s a Monday makes it even harder. But, if there is one band that can get me out on a night like that its The Specials. I have been a fan since I was in Sixth grade. Seems like it was yesterday when I would wear button down shirts like them and dress like them and act like them running around the house driving everyone crazy!

There was an older kid in my neighborhood that rode a Vespa and wore a trench coat with patches on it. He wore cuffed jeans and penny loafers, plaid Fred Perry shirts and Pork Pie hats. He was the coolest guy I ever saw. I think his name was Jeff. I wonder if he knows that his influence on me has lasted a lifetime. I remember the patches on his jacket were the Mod symbol, The English Beat, The Jam and The Specials. He also had an impressive collection of buttons which I never got to see since I never got close enough to him. I never even talked to him. He was the cool older kid and was too busy being rad to talk to Sixth graders.

Anyway, I decided that he was onto something and I wanted in on that shit! I started off my mission to be like Jeff by going to the Wherehouse Record store at the Eagle Rock Plaza and asking for The Specials album. They showed me an album by 38 Special and I thought, no way would Jeff listen to this. I tried explaining to the clerk about Jeff with the buttons and patches and stuff. He finally understood and pulled out an album by Madness. It was the “One Step Beyond” album with the guys on the cover doing the synchronized ska dance that was mimicked in Breakfast Club. My immediate reaction was YES! THAT’S IT! Those dudes look just like him. That was the best moment of my life, the turning point that lead to what I would be and do now and forever! I didn’t know that at the time. I just wanted my mom to pay for it and get me home to the record player! That album led me to all the other great Two-Tone era stuff and eventually to traditional ska and reggae. I got into punk rock later. But, when it came to ska, The Specials were and are still my favorite.

So with the remains of green beer and whiskey still lingering in my body we set out for Nokia just about two weeks ago now. We got there just in time for the first song! It was an immediate rush of energy for me! There was Terry Hall in the flesh! They had the drummer that was in Special AKA and the original bass player Horace Panter (who wrote that book Ska’d for Life), both original guitarists, Lynval and Roddy, and of course Terry Hall. Unfortunately Neville Staples wasn’t there. I heard he was sick and couldn’t do the tour. Lynval sang all his parts and sounded great, although I missed Neville’s stage presence. The rest of the band was great too. Great keyboard player and horn players did their parts well and looked cool.

My view from the Balcony!
My view from the Balcony!

The banner in the background was the classic logo in black and white. Perfect! That’s the only frill they needed. The songs are what make The Specials a truly timeless and untouched band that will go down in history as one of the greatest! Nite Club, Ghost town, It’s Up To You, Concrete Jungle, Too Hot, Do The Dog and of course Toots classic Monkey Man (which I got to see Toots play a week later at House of Blues Hollywood).

Lynval said from stage the night of the Nokia show that this was only their second time in L.A. in the past 30 years. Assuming he was referring to the show at The Palace in ’96 as the first, I was there too! Now the Palace is called the Avalon.

In 1996 The Specials did a reunion tour in the states. This tour didn’t include Terry Hall or Jerry Dammers but it was still billed as The Specials and included the other founding members. I had a front row seat to 3 weeks of this tour since my band; Buck-O-Nine was asked to be the supporting act starting in Minneapolis. The Suicide Machines were support for the other half of the tour.

Being a fan of The Specials is still as important to me as it was in Sixth grade. I will listen to those albums in whatever format the future brings and will always give the vinyl versions their fair amount of play. I still have both albums in mint condition along with all the others I bought back then from the dude at The Wherehouse. Wait, where? At the Wherehouse! Hahaha! Too Much Too Young!

Black Flag & Flag reunions!

By Jon Pebsworth

This is a tuff one! I’m not sure how to feel or what to think!?! I guess the good news is there will be some great shows coming soon by some classic punk rockers!

My first exposure to Black Flag was watching “The Decline of the Western Civilization” documentary. I first saw it in about 1987 on a VHS tape that one of my friends recorded from somewhere. I must’ve watched that movie along with another VHS tape of “Another State of Mind” probably 200 times at my first apartment in San Diego. I knew at the time, the now classic documentary was done much earlier than when I saw it but, that’s when I saw it.

Photo by Bev Davies

Anyway, my favorite part of that movie was the Black Flag part. At that time it was Greg Ginn on guitar, Chuck Dukowski on bass, Ron Reyes singing and (I think) Robo playing drums. Been awhile since I saw it. My memory was that Ron Reyes was fuckin awesome and was the perfect frontman! Also, Greg Ginn’s see thru guitar was killer and Chuck gave some trippy interviews talking about LSD trips and dissecting rats.

I was just getting into punk rock at that time thru my friend’s older brother. He made us cassette tapes with bands like Dead Kennedys, G.B.H., Descendents, D.I., Sex Pistols, 7Seconds and Agent Orange. Given, this was years after the real hay day of this stuff but long before Green Day.

I have seen Black Flag reunions before. The first was at the Hollywood Palladium awhile back (maybe around 2004?). I went with a friend and remember it being a benefit for cats. I thought that was really weird but, whatever works. It was Black Flag and the place was packed. Everyone I knew in Hollywood was there! It was Greg Ginn and Dez for the most part. Pretty cool but, not what I had hoped for. The singer/skater Mike Vallely sang most of the show. He did a killer job and he is one of my favorite skaters and his band is really good. People in town were saying that Keith Morris was gonna sing and some people said Rollins was gonna sing. It’s funny that most people think of Rollins as the one and only singer of Black Flag. Although I thought Henry was a rad singer in Black Flag but he wasn’t my favorite.

I was also at the 30 year anniversary of Goldenvoice and got to the see the three song set from Black Flag. It was pretty cool. Keith Morris was singing, Bill Stevenson was on drums, Chuck was playing bass and Stephen from Descendents was playing guitar. It was a “secret” appearance but, all my friends knew about it. It was at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, which is where I saw a lot of shows in High School. I still think it could’ve been better. I heard they only had time to practice at sound check.

The latest incarnation of the band comes in two parts. One is called “Black Flag” featuring Greg Ginn and Ron Reyes. The other is called “Flag” and features Keith Morris, Bill Stevenson, Chuck Dukowski and Stephen (Descendents). Both are pretty cool considering Black Flag’s history.
But for me, like most bands, the first incarnation you hear, is the best! With that said, my favorite Black Flag is Ron, Ginn, Chuck and (I think) Robo. I can still see and hear the three songs they did on Decline…

So, I don’t know about these reunions. I guess I’ll see both since my favorite line up is split. I wish they would combine efforts and do it together. No idea of what happened or why they are at odds. Not my business. Either way, all these guys are legends and rock! I Love Circle Jerks, Descendents and even Crash Band, Crunch Pop (Remember them?) and I actually still listen to the Decline soundtrack. It has awesome tunes from FEAR, Circle Jerks, Germs, X and (whatever happened to) Catholic Discipline?

“Ok, this next song is for the LAPD, we got arrested the other night at Blackies for playing ‘punk rock music’. They called us ‘nuisance in public’ or something like that. Anyway, they put us in jail and this song’s called ‘Revenge’ and it’s for them..!”

“ATTENTION: (SHUT UP) Please be advised that by entry upon these premises, that you are consenting to being photographed (which means they’re gonna take photos of your ugly faces right?), and having your (ugly) likeness used in a motion pictures, and for other purposes… (and at the bottom it says) Thank you! (and you can tell them to FUCK OFF!) It’s Black Flag!!!

P.S. Jealous Again Rules!


By Jon Pebsworth

Well slap me silly, the new BAD RELIGION is fucking awesome! I have it on endless loop! I have been a fan for most of my life but gotta say this new one is one of their best! BR always puts out good records but the bar they set for themselves with SUFFER, NO CONTROL & AGAINST THE GRAIN is the only way to gauge anything after. Bad Religion’s worst album would be a dream come true for most punk bands out there. It’s not even fair to use the word “worst.” I don’t even know which album that would be.

I first heard TRUE NORTH on a drive down to San Diego with my buddy Andy. He was talking it up and comparing it to SUFFER etc. Next thing I know, BAM! Every song is on point. TRUE NORTH has it all… Great songs and lyrics, the drum beats they pretty much started and killer guitar riffs and solos. TRUE NORTH is ALSO the best use of Brian Baker since he has been in the band. Great guitar player. The backing vocals are in classic form too. I love that there is a song called, “FUCK YOU.”

“Dharma and the Bomb” is one of my favorites. Its classic BR mixed with a new flavor. The guitar riff is awesome. This is the song that made me think about how rad Brian Baker is. I also love the way Greg sings this one. His vocals on “Hello Cruel World” are really unique. It feels like he raised his own bar on this album. After 30 years a lot of guys lose their original vibe that made them great and stop inventing new sounds with their voices. Great work here Greg! This reminds me why I loved and still love BAD RELIGION.

“Robin Hood in Reverse” is great too! I love the Sham 69 lyric nod and referencing them by say “there is a brand new Sham today.” Pretty cool. I couldn’t be happier to have this album in my collection. It’s really inspiring to have a band from my youth still cranking out quality shit. I also love that the core original band is still there. Hetson, Jay, Brett, Graffin and add Brian Baker from Minor Threat! Not to mention Brooks is the best BR drummer! Great work guys, see you at the next show!