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Nardstock coming Sat Aug 17 – WE’RE THERE!

It’s hard to believe it’s been thirty five years of punk rock coming out of Oxnard! I first heard of Nardcore bands when I was in High School circa “97. I think the first band was Agression. They were the perfect band to Skate to. I had a small half pipe in my back yard that my Dad and me built. I have memories of hearing “Money Machine” while trying to learn how to pull air.

Ill Repute did a cover of a Neil Diamond song, “Cherry Cherry” and like so many punk rock covers back then, I didn’t know it was a cover. I thought it was their song. Hahaha. I loved all their songs.

Mystic Records put out the original version of the Nardcore records and the Mystic samplers. That’s where I first heard RKL and NOFX!

This show is gonna be epic and we’re all going!

Nardstock flyer