The Melvins tour diary

The Melvins tour diary day 14. They are currently doing a tour of the US, which hits 51 states in 51 days. This particular entry involves a Judy Garland “live” record which sounds like it would be pure audio insanity. You should read The Melvins Tour Diary Day 14. (image courtesy of synthesis radio).

Everyday Sunshine

The other night I watched ‘Everyday Sunshine‘, the documentary about Fishbone. It was fucking great. The early footage of the band and the rad animations brought me back to 6th grade, when we used to ride the skateramp all day listening to the Fishbone EP on repeat. Everyday Sunshine has some pretty interesting moments highlighting… Continue reading Everyday Sunshine

Dr. Know Returns

The Legendary Nardcore band Dr. Know has reformed. Their return to the stage this past November confirmed just how much they have been missed. Over 1,000 people packed the Ventura Theater to see them play. Since then they have played a steady stream of shows including a date with OC legends the Adolescents as part… Continue reading Dr. Know Returns

Slapshot Playing Shows in South America

Just found out that Boston Hardcore legends, Slapshot, are playing in Santiago Chile tonight. Appearing at Arena Recoleta, tonights performance is the first stop in a three date South American tour. The tour will continue on to Argentina and Brazil. Wicked!